So, first things first, here is a brief explanation of what a video wall is:

A video wall is a highly engaging visual communication tool, helping convey real time information to an audience in a digital format comprising PC applications, HTML, CCTV, video, TV and audio.

Video walls are flexible – use the whole wall to display one image, message or video, or individual & sectional screens to display multiple messages simultaneously.

Video walls are interactive – with the addition of a touch screen interface, a video wall can provide the user with a highly personalised experience.

In practical terms, a video wall is a number of screens, LCD or LED supported by a programmable controller with content managed by a software solution. They can also be touch interactive.

These high impact digital displays pack a visual punch, and equally, they serve as an effective business solution, supporting a range of operations.

  • Commercial: Situation management
  • Corporate: A visual platform to inform, educate and broadcast
  • Retail: Integrate with digital signage software to raise awareness, promote and sell

Or simply to create a centrepiece of attention – a WOW factor if you will – the possibilities are tremendous.


There’s no better way to understand what a video wall can do for your business than taking a closer look at some of our video wall installations, here are our top 3.


Leonardo is a global high-tech company that operates in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors. Their Yeovil site houses the UK Fleet Operations Centre, providing 24hour worldwide support services to their customers’ helicopter fleets.

A longstanding customer of Quad Vision, Leonardo have recently upgraded the LCD video wall at their Yeovil site. The 8 meter wide installation, comprises 16, 46” NEC LCD commercial grade screens in an 8 x 2 format.

The system also includes two independent interactive source screens allowing information to be shared from a secure network for team viewing and interaction, plus a 23” control touchscreen to allow easy manipulation of information on the video wall.

You can read more about this installation on our case study page.

Video Wall benefits to Leonardo: team viewing of multiple information streams, promotion of team collaboration, video conferencing function, demonstration suite for advanced support services.

Douglas & Gordon

One of London’s largest independent Estate Agency, Douglas & Gordon required a high-impact interactive video-wall to demonstrate properties and locations.

Quad Vision designed and installed a 3 x 3 video wall using 9, 46” LCD screens with thin bezels. Media is dynamically controlled via an iPad, operated by customer and by sales personnel. Searches can be conducted by location showing a live map highlighting the nearest tube stations, tube lines and schools. Filters drill down on the property search including buy/rent, number of bedrooms, budget range etc. Results are displayed on the video wall as a property listing complete with a gallery of scrollable images, together with property details and an insert screen showing positioning on the map.

When the shop is closed, the video wall acts an art installation with amazing imagery to grab the attention of passers-by and draw them to the shop window.

Video wall benefits to Douglas & Gordon: Fantastic customer engagement tool, promotes awareness of brand, WOW factor, selling and promotional tool.

You can read more about this installation on our case study page.

Rutherford Cancer Centre

Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales was the first Rutherford centre to open in the UK and the first UK Cancer Centre to offer high energy proton beam therapy. Since then three further centres have opened in Reading, Northumberland and most recently in Liverpool.

The focal point of each centre’s reception area is an interactive video wall designed and installed by Quad Vision. The state of the art waiting rooms were the vision of Mike Moran the CEO. He wanted to create a place where patients and their families, in perhaps an anxious situation, had an interactive audio-visual focal point for their time spent in the waiting room.

An impressive 2.5-meter touch interactive video wall was installed comprising of 4, 46” Samsung LCD screens with ultra-thin bezel. The video wall can stream TV, video and internet plus information about The Rutherford Cancer Centre and the local area.

You can read more about this installation on our case study page.

Video wall benefits to The Rutherford Centre: Customer engagement, WOW factor, interactive educational and information tool.


A video wall enables businesses to effectively engage with customers and inform teams in a high impact visual way. Video walls are increasingly crossing from commercial applications into corporate, leisure and retail applications as the benefits to businesses are being realised by a greater audience. The opportunities to get creative with screen sizes and orientation and to introduce interactivity into video walls are vast.

Quad Vision are technical integration experts with a wealth of experience under their belts in this field, if anything in this blog has sparked your interest, please visit our website for more information or get in contact