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Control Rooms

Why Quad Vision for Control Room Solutions?

In a situation when multiple feeds of mission critical information are pulled together for team viewing, a video wall from Quad Vision can make that process straightforward. Proven to increase team work and efficiency a video wall is a must for any control, command or operation centre.

Features & Benefits

Video walls are flexible and resiliant – use the whole wall to display one image, message or video, or individual & sectional screens to display multiple messages simultaneously. With the addition of a touch screen interface they become interactive, a video wall can provide the user with a highly personalised experience. In practical terms, a video wall is a number of screens, LCD or LED supported by a programmable controller with content managed by a software solution.

These high impact digital displays support a range of operations and pack a visual punch, and equally, they serve as an effective business solution in a control room setting.

Video screens require very little maintenance; they have no consumable parts providing a low maintenance cost solution for the user. LCD screens are low power consumption options with great longevity. Screens are designed for 24/7 continual operation. Quad Vision offer a broad range of mounting solutions both standard and bespoke enabling the provision of a video wall in a wide range of environments. With us, it’s personal. We offer remote (you’ll always speak to the same team) or on site support when needed. If you need peace of mind Quad Vision can offer a support contract.

Video Wall Screen
  • The higher the resolution of your video wall allows text, image, video sharpness and detail when viewed closely.
  • Specialist high brightness LCD screens counteract ambient and sun light interference maintaining clear and detailed imagery for external window displays and high light situations.
  • There are multiple possibilities to consider in fitting your available space and design purpose. Quad Vision are experts in providing bespoke solutions.
  • Manufacturers are now producing smaller bezels enabling an almost uninterrupted view across a number of screens.

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Video Wall Controller
  • A video wall controller uses signals from a wide range of devices e.g. computers, cameras, web, cloud, network and enables multiple display through a single platform.
  • Quad Vision controllers support both real time or pre programmed content depending on the application requirements.
  • Quad Vision controllers support single and multiple sources of content to ultra high resolution 4K+.

Ask our experts

  • The video wall controller software interface enables flexible and cersatile management of content placement on the display.
  • The Quad Vision team can remotely manage the content you provide taking the headache out of this task for you.
  • Not everyone is a technical wizard! Quad Vision provides user friendly and intuitive software solutions that are easy to master.
  • Multiple user capablity options available if required.

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Benefits for practically any location

From offshore rigs to secure underground locations, Quad Vision have provided practical display solutions for control centres in the most demanding of locations. Why not get in touch to discuss your perfect solution.


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