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Video Wall

Why Choose A Video Wall?

A Large Format Display (LFD) video wall is a significant investment for many organisations. So, why experience the additional cost when you could just use a projector, a single large display screen, or a set of individual screens?

Features & Benefits

It’s important to recognise that an LFD video wall system is an integrated solution: an arrangement of LCD video screens or LED video panels driven by a powerful processing and computing system called a video wall controller. So while a video wall might behave like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. A complete video wall system can deliver a level of performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply is not possible with more basic solutions.

LFD video wall systems are incredibly flexible and can provide benefits for practically any application. Add an interactive video wall with multi touch points into the mix, and you have a fantastic opportunity for engagement with your audience.

Video Wall Screen

Video Walls are a popular and effective way to display highly visual and engaging content to an audience. Made up of a combination of screens with ultra thin bezels, the effect is a near seamless screen which can display the same image across the whole system or break up the area into different images and uses.


Video Wall Controller

The video wall controller comes with software and graphics cards to connect multiple inputs, control outputs and manage overall configurations.

These video wall controllers can be an off the shelf solution, however at Quad Vision we build our own, tailored to our customers’ needs with our own user interface. The controllers have a fixed number of inputs and outputs and are designed specifically to work with video walls. Some allow content to be rendered directly on the controller.


HDMI / Display Support

Certain commercial display screen manufacturers supply screens with a built-in daisy chain solution allowing the signal received from a player with a single input source, to project up to 4K content across multiple screens simultaneously. The Samsung UH46N-E is a good example of this.

What’s great – a relatively low-cost video wall solution that is simple to set up.

Think about – higher resolution than 4K would require a system upgrade. Not suitable for streaming multiple content or for using pre-set zones.

Ideal installations – digital signage solution for single retail units, institutions, public buildings.


Network Based Controller

AV-over-IP is the transmission of video, audio and control signals over a network cable structure e.g. LAN, WAN or the internet. Use with a central video wall controller which renders, captures and splits the content, then sends to the display via a standard Ethernet network.

Ultimately scalable as long as the PC is powerful enough and the network has capacity.

Content management is in real time and a wide range of inputs such as HDMI and SDI can be used.

What’s great – multiple video walls can be run off a single PC.

Think about – at least Cat5e cabling is required as distribution is over an IP network at gigabit speeds.

Ideal installations – large institutions/ distributed video walls.


Media Player & Content Management Software


A media player is a hardware device which enables content to be managed and played on your display screens. Content can be managed by way of a CMS and be split, timed, consist of multi feeds i.e. video, still images and TV.  A media player per display would be required.

A more rudimentary system for smaller scale operations would be to load a USB with content and plug into the media player, simple yet effective in the right situation.

What’s great – multiple content can be managed and displayed.

Think about – potential limited video performance and limits on resolution. More screens, the higher the cost.


Retail Video Wall

Benefits For Retail

  • Proven to increase customer footfall & impulse purchases
  • Schedules promotions quickly, seamlessly & at lower cost
  • Visually showcases your brand communication in highly engaging format
  • Increases customer engagement to reduce perceived wait times


Corporate Video Wall

Corporate & Control

  • Maximise efficiency of employees with improved communication
  • Operationally enhance live information feeds, enabling super quick reaction time
  • Provides central resource of information, feeds of data and intelligence
  • Share critical information with multiple teams across the network


Cinema Video Wall

The WOW factor

  • A visual showcase of high quality, in keeping with your brand identity
  • Engaging, interactive and multimedia presentation
  • A striking and impressive centre piece to demonstrate your experience and service/brand image and values
  • Something memorable, different & unexpected; set yourself a level above the rest


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