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Why Does Digital Display Work for Retail?

No matter the size of your retail business, digital display allows you to stretch your brand and connect with customers. With so many ways to engage from digital posters to interactive menus, there is so much to explore.

The Signs Are All There

The retail landscape is consistently evolving, and for leading retailers, cutting through the media noise of doom is key to attracting consumers and turning them into customers. The high street may not be the same as it was but neither is the customer experience.

Studies show that 70% of the human brain is used for sight — which makes the marketing technology such as digital display improves the the way in which businesses engage with consumers. The objective is to drive sales by demonstrating brand value.

In order to become more influential with a shoppers experience, retailers messaging can be powerfully displayed using digital display products.

Digital transformation of the high street is already here. Quad Vision will keep you ahead of the pack with innovative digital display products,  services and support.

Video Wall Screen
  • The higher the resolution of your video wall allows text, image, video sharpness and detail when viewed closely.
  • Specialist high brightness LCD screens counteract ambient and sun light interference maintaining clear and detailed imagery for external window displays and high light situations.
  • There are multiple possibilities to consider in fitting your available space and design purpose. Quad Vision are experts in providing bespoke solutions.
  • Manufacturers are now producing smaller bezels enabling an almost uninterrupted view across a number of screens.

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Free Standing Kiosks

Replace your static paper poster sites or light boxes with digital poster displays showing static or video images. Reduce your printing and distribution costs and create the opportunity for central control of your marketing and point of display advertising communications. With giant tablet styling and wide viewing angle these neat units are a flexible and economical digital signage solution.


Menu Boards

We offer a combined 24/7 commercial menu board display, a network Android media player, one-year free CMS software and a library of pre designed templates for the ultimate package solution. Update your menu boards instantly, and from anywhere.

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Interactive Screens

Touch screen systems provide a fast and intuitive interface for users to get to grips with your product or offering. With intuitive displays, customers don’t need to know how to use a computer, they are led by simple instructional images and icons to their destination. Interactive digital displays are achieved by overlaying a screen with sensors to a regular LCD or LED screen or video wall.

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Digital Display

Are You Making the Most from Digital Display?

Visually stunning, retail digital signage and display is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to engage with a customer in-store. Quad Vision have an intuitive CMS platform to provide and content and where required full support. Check out our range of digital display products.


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