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Why Choose A Custom Frame Solution?

Multiple screens can be heavy, awkward to mount and ergonomically difficult to situate. Factor in aesthetic needs with health and safety requirements, and mounting a multiple screen solution can soon prove tricky.

Features & Benefits

Quad Vision has over ten years experience in fitting a massive range of screen solutions in almost every type of environment; from operations centres to listed buildings, we have faced every challenge.

We produce a wide range of versatile and robust screen mounts for control rooms, operation centres, desks and for mounting to walls. Our range of products and solutions include video wall stands, multi-monitor LCD desk stands, bespoke bolt to the desk frames and wall mounts handling both multiple small to large format screens – from 22″ up to 65″ .

Our flexible modular mounting systems allow us to design and configure custom bespoke solutions for most applications. Quad Vision offers a full-service design and installation service across the UK. Our team can work stand-alone or as part of a wider installation effort.

Complete solutions are available including multi screen output workstations.

Multi Screen Workstations
      Quad Vision bespoke workstations are the ultimate desk set-up designed exactly for an individual’s unique requirements. Comprising either a Tower PC or 19” rack-mounted PC, outputs can be configured to drive up to 16 displays and up to 4096 x 2160 (4K x 2K) resolution per screen.


Wall Mounts
      Quad Vision desk stands are the best designed and most versatile multi-monitor mounting system available. Engineered to the highest standard our stands are the most robust, flexible and adjustable on the market.

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Desk Stands
      Quad Vision multi screen monitor stands are the best designed and most versatile multi-monitor stand systems available. Designed and manufactured in the UK and engineered to the highest standard our monitor stands are the largest capacity, robust, flexible and adjustable on the market.

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Bespoke Mounting Solutions

Quad Vision is one of the UK’s leaders when it comes to specialist mounting solutions for multiple screens. Customised in-house, our mounts are designed and engineered to a very high standard and provide amazing versatility and quality.


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