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If you are looking for something special, Quad Vision have supplied our satisfied customers with digital display and AV solutions that add something special to any environment. Create an experience with our WOW factor solutions.

Curved Video Wall

The Ultimate Impact

Curved video screens that support various concave and convex curvatures in both portrait and landscape options. They can be positioned in a variety of ways to keep passers-by captivated. A reduced bezel provides a more immersive and seamless viewing experience.

Wallpaper OLED Signage

Magnetic Ultra Thin Screen

This sophisticated wallpaper OLED signage achieves the best possible picture quality concealing its presence by blending in with the wall. Minimal space required for installation, which simplifies the construction process.

Wallpaper OLED in Glass

Elegant and Versatile

Consisting of slim glass panes and OLED panels, LG signage gives the impression that the image is being projected directly from glass itself. There are accessories available specifically for hanging models.

RFID Interactive Displays

Interaction To Make An Impact

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides an opportunity for an interaction trigger between the viewer and the product, with product specific digital content displayed on screens in close proximity.

Interactive Projection Mapping

Sensory Interaction

 Any projection surface such as floors and walls can be converted into a fully interactive display, controlled by hand, foot and body gestures providing a full body interactive experience, immersing users in the campaign.

Transparent Displays

Bringing Window Display To Life

LG Transparent OLED signage illuminates spaces that once were hidden away behind the display, completely harmonizing with its surroundings. LG’s OLED technology, featuring self-lighting pixels, maintains accurate colors even when the display becomes transparent.

Looking for a Video Wall?

Whatever your goals and objectives for creating something special, Quad Vision will work with you to bring your creations to life. Specialists in bespoke design, get in touch to start your project.

From office locations to home installations we have had the pleasure to work on some of the most innovative Video Wall design ideas to create the WOW factor.


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