Workplace Solutions

Engage & Motivate Employees

Create a culture of open communication and use digital signage to actively engage with and communicate workplace teams. Pass information easily and share successes instantly through a range of digital displays that will help keep everyone in the business better informed.

Free Standing Kiosks

Interaction To Make An Impact

With giant tablet styling and wide viewing angle these neat units are a flexible and economical digital signage solution. Flexible enough to use in multiple locations and easy for users to get the information they need. Interactive display can be easily manged through our software.

Information Screens

Display Company Information On Single Screens

Sharpen up your reception and building with a wide range of options available. Use single screens to display company information all managed by an easy to use content management system. Popular in modern offices real time information can be quickly displayed to single or multiple sites.

Video Conferencing

Audio And Visual Meeting Tools

Collaboration and communication are all key to the success of today’s businesses. StarLeaf brings people together to work better, wherever they are. Link together existing technology and connect everyone.
Uniquely in the industry, StarLeaf is truly built for the enterprise.

Features & Benefits

Today’s employees are tech savvy and the workplace is different as a consequence. Employees expect more. They want to be involved, to be listened to and to have meaningful communication. To better engage your workforce and involve them fully in your business, it’s time to consider how to meet these demands with digital display solutions from Quad Vision.

Put everyone in the picture and communicate effectively needs more than a poster on a pin board or motivational posters in the hallways. Using digital signage for employee communication bridges any communication gap between managers and employees.

  • Ensure the whole company stays connected
  • Promote new product announcements
  • Display events and promote them
  • Display local and national information or news feeds
  • Display company performance
  • Promote employee incentive programs
  • Post HR updates and information
  • Display local information for travel and transport


Information Screens

Here is what Quad Vision can provide with digital signage for an employee communication solution:

  • Easy to update
  • Easy integration to other media sources
  • Remote management
  • Centralised control
  • Scheduling feature
  • Split information into specific zones or areas


Video Wall Screen
  • The higher the resolution of your video wall allows text, image, video sharpness and detail when viewed closely.
  • Specialist high brightness LCD screens counteract ambient and sun light interference maintaining clear and detailed imagery for external window displays and high light situations.
  • There are multiple possibilities to consider in fitting your available space and design purpose. Quad Vision are experts in providing bespoke solutions.
  • Manufacturers are now producing smaller bezels enabling an almost uninterrupted view across a number of screens.


Video Wall Controller
  • A video wall controller uses signals from a wide range of devices e.g. computers, cameras, web, cloud, network and enables multiple display through a single platform.
  • Quad Vision controllers support both real time or pre programmed content depending on the application requirements.
  • Quad Vision controllers support single and multiple sources of content to ultra high resolution 4K+.


  • The video wall controller software interface enables flexible management of content placement on the display.
  • The Quad Vision team can remotely manage the content you provide taking the headache out of this task for you.
  • Not everyone is a technical wizard! Quad Vision provides user friendly and intuitive software solutions that are easy to master.
  • Options available if required.


Additional Information
  • Video screens are resilient, requiring very little maintenance; they have no consumable parts providing a low maintenance cost solution for the user.
  • LCD screens are low power consumption options with great longevity. Screens are designed for 24/7 continual operation.
  • Quad Vision offer a broad range of mounting solutions both standard and bespoke enabling the provision of a video wall in a wide range of environments.
  • With us, it’s personal. We offer remote (you’ll always speak to the same team) or on site support when needed. If you need peace of mind Quad Vision can offer a support contract.


Use The Right Communication Tools

Use static, mobile, wall mounted, pole mounted or free standing digital screen displays placed in high traffic areas for maximum impact. Send the right information to the right people at the right time.


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