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We are passionate about providing leading edge quality AV solutions to our customers. Founded in 2006, we are technical specialists in digital display solutions. Because we pride ourselves on supplying highly reliable products and services, we have worked with leading global brands. Backed by top level ongoing support and advice.

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Audio And Visual Meeting Tools

Collaboration and communication are all key to the success of today’s businesses. Quad Vision's Solutions bring people together to work better, wherever they are. Get the best technology and connect everyone.
Solutions for remote single users and Enterprise ready to scale for growth.

Temperature Check

Temperature Check Screen

No Touch Temperature Check

All-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablets. To ensure that people entering a location are not running a high temperature, these tablets will provide alerts when a person is running a high temperature within 1 second from 1m (13.3ft) away. Accurate to 0.3 degrees Celsius.

LCD Hand Sanitiser

LCD Hand Sanitiser

Combine Hand Washing With Digital Signage

LCD Hand Sanitiser Display
Help your business conform with the latest NHS guidance to the spead of COVID-19.

The 10 Point Touch Screen offers a safe & sanitised display, ideal for Visitor Management Systems, or online links to the Latest WHO & NHS England websites, or your own websites.​.

Video Walls

Make an Impact

Popular and highly effective, Video Walls display highly visual and engaging content to your audience. Use a combination of ultra thin bezel LCD video screens or LED video panels to achieve a visually stunning result.

Digital Signage

Branding & Information

Digital signage solutions and digital display is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to engage with your audience. Check out our wide range of products and solutions.

Video Conferencing

Audio & Visual Solutions

Collaboration and communication are all key to the success of today’s businesses. StarLeaf brings people together to work better, wherever they are.


Create Something Exciting

We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and provide leading edge solutions. Attention grabbing digital display technology is being used by brands to increase engagement.

Custom Frames

Our Speciality

Custom Frames are ideal for operations centres and control rooms. We’ve installed bespoke frame systems in unique locations by utilising our flexible modular mounting system.

Desk Stands

Hardware & Software

Quad Vision’s proactive approach to digital signage and video wall systems will keep everything up and running. System functionality is proactively monitored remotely.

Retail Video Display


Digital Signage is at the forefront of a retail revolution to engage shoppers. Bring to life online experiences in-store. With innovative interactive technology, digital display provides a highlight in the high street battleground to get audience attention.

Management of one or multiple screens is made easy with our CMS software which allows you to make instant updates from wherever you are.


Public Information Screens


Today’s consumers are more tech savvy and the familiar feel of a touch screen provides a modern way of getting information.

Navigating from point A to B can be so much more effective with interactive kiosks which create a digitally immersive experience.



Control Room Display


Control rooms and  mission-critical environments require clear, visually effective display technology with up to date information. Connect multiple data sources to your control room.

No two locations are alike and here at Quad Vision we customise digital display to meet the needs of the most demanding of environments.


Workplace Solutions


Employee communication with digital signage is an essential tool for modern connected offices. Quad Vision can help you build tailored content to add value to your emplyee engagement.


Distributed Content


Build a digital menu board integrated with your point-of-sale system, an interactive in-store screen for retail, corporate communication screens with live KPI metrics, meeting room signs tied to Office 365, or anything else that you can imagine.


WOW Factor


Video walls are used to create visually stunning centrepieces in a multitude of different scenarios. Perfect for showcasing your product or service to customers and clients or provide them with a fun and interactive infotainment system.



AV system integration design and implementation is what we do.

Quad Vision provides digital display solutions to a wide range of businesses.

Control Room

Proven to increase team work and efficiency a video wall is a must for any control, command or operation centre.


Using digital display from screens & interactive modules around a store, retailers can quickly advertise their products and promotions.

Workplace Solutions

Employee communication with digital signage is essential for employee communication, tailored content adds value to your business.

Multiscreen Content

Quad Vision’s Wallboard CMS allows you to build digital signage solutions that meet your unique needs.

Public Information

Digital kiosks are a simple way to improve the customer experience. A wayfinding directory kiosk for example will increase engagement.

Wow Factor

Perfect for showcasing your product or service to customers and clients or provide them with a fun and interactive infotainment system.

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Stands & Frames

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“The Met Office is a world leader in technology and quite familiar with presentation systems – so we were delighted when they chose Quad Vision for this prestigious project.”
“We are really pleased with the outcome of this project, a really eye catching WOW factor that is sure to show off easyJet’s content in a professional yet fun way.”

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