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Hardware & Software  Support Options

Hardware & Software Service Support – Tiered Options

The hardware associated with either a video wall or digital signage solution consists mainly of screens, media players and programmable controllers. A multifaceted solution will require more complex hardware.

Software support could be defined largely as installation, troubleshooting & training assistance

Quad Vision offers a 4-tiered support service:


Managed Services & Support Options


Digital Signage Content Management

Quad Vision offers two levels of managed content support for customers.

Update and control of client supplied content

We take your supplied digital content and upload it onto your screens through the Content Management System (CMS).

By using a shared filing system such as Dropbox, content is easily deposited by you and received by us.  A simple spreadsheet is all that is needed to allow us to schedule the required content when and where you want it.

Automatic troubleshooting – the CMS is set up with alerts so if for any reason the system has a problem or fails, we’ll be right on it to rectify the issue and get your system up and running again as soon as possible.

Create and manage content for clients

Through our network of content providers, we can also help you to identify a resource for content creation if you don’t have the ability to create that content yourself.

Our recommended CMS is Wallboard Display. Wallboard is a web-based content management system designed to manage digital signage networks both large and small.  The built-in content editor enables marketing and design teams to login to the web-based platform and create or edit content without having to work in and out of other design software platforms. The Wallboard platform integrates with the most popular media players and operating systems including: Android, Windows, and Brightsign. Wallboard can also be deployed as either an on-premise solution or a fully cloud-based solution without the need for additional IT hardware infrastructure.

If you prefer to take on the content management yourself, we can assist with training and ongoing learning support to your own teams.

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