Winning customers these days is more of a challenge than finding them in the first place. Competition is welcome, but extremely fierce, particularly in the retail sector.

So, our customers are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. Ways to set themselves apart from others as it becomes more difficult to win new business. Grabbing attention using some unique solutions is one way that digital signage can help.

It’s a great time to consider digital signage if you haven’t before and even if you have and are looking for a revamp, some of what I’m going to share with you, might just make people’s heads turns…in a good way of course!

Manufacturers are innovating with new products all the time, technology is benefitting our customers across a wide range of verticals.

How can you stand apart?

Artistic visuals – think outside of the box!

Digital signage doesn’t need to be square or rectangular. Who knew! Well we did, and here’s a case study to demonstrate a recent video wall we created for our customer Pro-Align.

It’s important to have the right player and software to achieve this kind of look, but an expert AV provider should have all the tools you need.

Displays can be mixed up, landscape orientation sitting right beside portrait and different sized displays can make for an interesting and eye catching digital signage solution.

Flexible solutions

New to the AV industry are ultra-thin and flexible display screens. Wrap them around a column or use their flexibility to create something that is a real head turner. These products are relatively new to the market, so you have to be prepared to be a pioneer.

Here’s some information on the latest LG Transparent Flexible Display – videos can be played on a screen that is as clear as glass, it’s also flexible so it can be bent, rolled or folded.

What about Widgets?

There are hundreds available on many CMS platforms, allowing you to add neat and creative features to your regular displays.

  • Weather reporting
  • Sports tracker
  • Customer feedback
  • Wayfinding

are just a very small number of examples of available Widgets.

Expand your horizons beyond LCD & LED displays

Projection mapping techniques using Laser projectors has offered retailers a radical shift on how to think about the space they have available.

Walls have become displays screens and even inanimate objects can burst into life with the creative use of projection mapping.

It’s a stunning way to create incredible eye catching visuals.

Reactive signage using the IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of devices such as vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data (Source Wikipedia). By using IoT devices, retailers can manipulate display content to suit.

Take the examples of a temperature or rain sensor, automatically adjusting your instore displays to match the weather outside.

Think about using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and beacons, create displays that react to interactions by customers and their proximity to devices, tailoring the display specifically to them.

Holographic digital displays

3D holographic displays add an extra dramatic dimension to your digital signage that will make people stop in their tracks. Not exactly mainstream just yet, but 3D holographic displays will make a long lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

HYPERVSN is a young technology company responsible for developing the innovative and disruptive 3D holographic system that provides an immersive experience for viewers. Here’s an example of what can be achieved;

Setting yourself apart from the rest is undoubtedly going to take some time, investment and a level of expertise. Some of this technology is innovative and ground breaking, so finding solution providers with qualified experience is going to be tough, both on the AV/IT and the creative side. But, the opportunity to create a unique, attention grabbing and unforgettable experience for your customers has got to be worth the effort.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of what I’ve written here, please do get in touch with me on 03300 419019 or email me