COVID-19 has brought about such an extraordinarily radical change to the way we communicate in business.


We’ve accepted video conferencing as the norm, no matter the size of business or, the number of employees.
We’ve been challenged by our existing technology, in some cases scrabbling around to get systems up and running to enable a workforce to work remotely.

We’ve had to face furloughing valuable staff members and with that, away goes the tacit knowledge held in your company. Directors and owners left in the business ‘holding the baby’ without the support they’d usually rely on from their teams, if these were normal times.

We understand, they’re not normal times at all. Far from it.

Business owners and organisations can choose where they go from here. Some sadly won’t make it, through no fault of their own, but through circumstances that they were ill equipped to deal with.
For those that make it through, will there be a new way of doing business? Instinctively we want to protect what we have, like never before. But what will that protection look like?

Other’s may realise that to run a business with a productive remote team is entirely doable. Something they had never considered before but may baulk at the idea of working across networks and centralising the data.
Many will see that communication with their teams and their customers has never been more important and will find new ways to do so.

We thank our lucky stars that the nightmare we currently face is happening in the digital age. The ability to communicate easily for social and business purposes has kept the country if not the world relatively sane of late. The virtual age, which for some of us is completely normal, has grown exponentially. Now everyone is a virtual expert as they’ve had to find ways to keep in touch with loved ones and business colleagues, delivering their services or promoting their products.

This all means we’re going to be far more comfortable with it when we are out the other side, we’ll challenge ourselves about the journeys we make to meetings across the country, we’ll wonder why our swanky offices are such a drain on resources, when so much can be achieved with far less. We’ll think less about how and more about why.

We’ve achieved so much, in so little time, with so little resource, but it’s fragile. It’s built on a hotchpotch of systems, equipment and processes. When this is finished, there will be the opportunity to establish this new thinking about infrastructure and create it in a robust and scalable way.

We’ll use our new learning for new thinking. New thinking about how we can protect ourselves, and our businesses from ever having to face this nightmare ever again.

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