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E.ON Control Solutions Ltd are dedicated to helping their customers to improve sustainability, reduce energy costs and minimise operational expenditure in their buildings. E.ON Control Solutions first got in contact with Quad Vision and outlined their requirement to replace their existing video wall with a more up to date solution, it was key to fit the new video wall within the existing recess. The existing wall, located within their Glasgow control centre, comprised 10 thick bezel television screens controlled by multiple PC’s, each television screen showing an individual stream of information which was difficult to manage and not always in real time. The Glasgow control centre manager wanted a state of the art video screen wall with ultra thin bezel, a single controller and software to manage the content easily. The content comprises a TV channel plus data and parameters from management information systems.

The Solution

Sanjay Saini, Managing Director of Quad Vision consulted closely with the team at E.ON Control Solutions and created a complete solution for them which, since its installation, has increased the efficiency of the staff working there, as the information is now presented to them in a way it wasn’t before. Quad Vision provided the best solution within budget and resolved the issue of installing the new screens within the space for the original configuration.

Quad Vision installed 10 x 46” LG Ultra Thin Bezel high definition screens. The control system uses eSign software with custom user interface to allow E.ON Control Solutions at Glasgow to control their own content. The user interface allows them to position the information they need to see where they want to see it in real time. The system also incorporates a TV channel which is used for streaming live news feed to the room.

The system has full internet connection enabling remote support from Quad Vision through team viewer when necessary. The video screen wall was supplied with pop out mounts for ease of access and maintenance and Quad Vision designed and installed a bespoke frame surround which finished the whole thing off beautifully!

The installation and operator training was completed within two working days. Quad Vision worked seamlessly alongside the control centre team to minimise any disruption to the operation room.

E.ON Control Solutions are delighted and very impressed with the end result. They like the capability of the powerful system and can see that it is able to handle everything they want and more. The video wall enhances their business; allowing the people working there to be able to see the information clearly, easily and quickly.

A further benefit to the customer is that the video wall is a great marketing tool to them; when bringing customers into the control centre they can show them the state of the art monitoring system in place.


Key Specifications

10 x 46” LG Ultra Thin Bezel Video Screens
Each Screen Runs at 1920 x 1080
Pop Out Mounts
Custom Frame Surround
eSign Software
Custom User Interface
Quad Vision Video Wall Controller


10 x Video Wall Screens
eSign Software
Pop Out Mounts
Bespoke Frame Surround Solution

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