Case study


Bad Apple Hair have partnered with TOPSHOP/TOPMAN to launch an in-store hair salon, based in one of the world’s leading fashion brands and retailer. The Bullring in Birmingham is the second Bad Apple salon in the city centre offering affordable pricing and a cutting edge creative experience in a creative environment. The TOPSHOP/TOPMAN personal shopping team are available on request to provide a full fashion experience and makeover.

The Solution

Quad Vision designed and installed a large feature video wall comprising 9 ultra thin bezel 46″ Samsung LCD screens configured in a 3 x 3 format to give the appearance of a 138″ large screen display.

Bad Apple Hair wanted the video wall to add a real WOW factor in their first venture with TOPSHOP/TOPMAN in their flagship Bullring store, enhancing the creative environment with moving images and sound.

The video wall has an ultra high resolution of 4K, 3840 x 2160 pixels. Content can be run at full 4K resolution at 60 fps and is managed by a 4K Brightsign digital signage player, remotely managed and updated by Bad Apple Hair or Quad Vision as required. The project included a custom designed mounting solution which was fabricated to take the equipment load on a non load bearing wall.

Quad Vision turned this project around in super quick time, delivering a fully operational system in less than 3 weeks from order to installation.

Quad Vision Reaction

“The use of a custom built frame enables an amazing WOW factor for Bad Apple, the 4K resolution content gives a superior look and feel.” Sanjay Saini

Key Specifications

9 x 46″ Ultra Thin Bezel Samsung Screens
Brightsign 4K Video Wall Controller
Brightauthor Software / Brightsign Network
Tailor Made Frame Mount


Ultra Thin Bezel
Exceptional Luminosity
High Resolution 4K
Android Signage Player
Cloud Content Updates

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Popular and highly effective, Video Walls display highly visual and engaging content to your audience. Use a combination of ultra thin bezel LCD video screens or LED video panels to achieve a visually stunning result.