DTEN for Zoom

The DTEN D7 is an award-winning, all-in-one, plug and play video conferencing solution for unparalleled collaboration with Zoom. Secure and interactive, why not upgrade your Zoom experience. Check out the DTEN ME for a 27″ ultra thin experience.

Premium Screens for Zoom Conferencing

Windows based all-in-one, simple and flexible

Complete with all core components for a seamless Zoom Rooms for touch experience.

Easily set-up and start your meetings in about 15 minutes right out of the box, no technician support needed.


DTEN D7 Features & Services

DTEN has breakthrough hardware communications technology and best-of-breed video collaboration software, Zoom Rooms.

  • Best-in-class 16-microphone array for crystal clear voice
  • 4K wide angle camera provides face-to-face in-room meeting experience
  • Proprietary DSP from DTEN and Zoom keeps voices crystal clear and background noise to a minimum

Download d7 product sheet

DTEN ME Features & Services

Experience the power of real collaboration in smaller, personal workspaces with DTEN ME for Zoom Rooms.

  • Best-in-class 8-microphone array for crystal clear voice
  • 3 wide angle cameras
  • Multi Touch Display

Download ME product sheet

Why DTEN D7?

  • Plug & Play
  • Ultra Responsive Digital Touch Display
  • Clear Audio with 16 microphone array
  • Secure access to Zoom
  • 4k Display
  • All in one solution




  • Plug & Play
  • Ultra Responsive Digital Touch Display
  • Clear Audio with 8 microphone array
  • Secure access to Zoom
  • 3 Wide Angle Cameras
  • All in one solution



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