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What We Do
We create bespoke video display solutions from a myriad of different technical possibilities. We recognise our clients’ have different specifications, needs and of course budgets. We are not purists, we design video display solutions to meet your needs, not ours. We provide a wide range of multi-screen video display solutions such as:
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Advanced multi-screen solutions for displaying video and data walls for retail and commercial applications.
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Designed for customers who need more than one screen, Quad Vision produces bespoke multi-screen LCD solutions for applications such as reception areas, warehouse information systems, financial trading systems, CAD and engineering design, supply chain management, logistics and meeting rooms.
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Quad Vision is one of the UK’s leaders when it comes to specialist mounting solutions for multiple screens. Customised in-house, our mounts are designed and engineered to a very high standard and provide amazing versatility and quality.
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Quad Vision produces a wide range of eye-catching retail digital signage from simple off-the-shelf systems to complex multi-media displays. Our Retail Digital Signage solutions are used by many high-street brands to improve footfall and promote products and services.
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Quad Vision workstations are built to offer the best possible combination of performance, quality and functionality at a sensible price. QV workstations are used in offices, control rooms, design, software authoring, web-design, network monitoring, command and control, security, Scada, information and simulation...
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Quad Conference is a class-leading product designed for tomorrow’s smart meeting room. A single integrated product that allows real-time digital collaboration, Quad Conference offers video-conferencing, presentation tools and collaborative whiteboard solutions in one easy-to-use product.
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