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4th Jun 2018
There’s a Digital Signage Solution for most businesses…..
Moving to digital signage could be a game changer.

Whether your retail outlet is small or large and to some degree this applies to your budget as well, you’ll find that there is a digital signage solution for you, which will give your customers a dynamic and visually stunning display with up to the minute content at the touch of a button.  Put this with the right tech and devices and it can all be managed within the cloud. Amazing right?

My top reasons for taking the plunge into the digital world are here (if you still need convincing).

Display Eye Catching Content

How amazing would it be to tailor your message to your audience on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without having to reinvent the wheel and reprint all your marketing materials (again)? How great would it be to react to something and get that message out to your customers within the hour? It’s all doable with a digital signage display backed up with a content management system (CMS) you run yourself, or, have managed remotely for you.

Solutions in digital signage enable you to get creative, and if creativity isn’t your thing, you can easily work within pre-formatted templates instead. They’re eye catching and dynamic incorporating scrolling images or video and audio with your messages, your branding targeted to your unique audience. You can introduce an interactive experience to your customers by using a touchscreen system – enabling your whole catalogue of products to be available in store.

Cloud Content

Digital media has enabled marketing collateral to go way beyond printed material. With the right technology in place, your can get all your content directly from the cloud. Use templates or don’t, that’s up to you, but you can instantly update text, images and videos in different modules.  If you’re a multi site organisation then co-ordinating your digital signage across the estate is straightforward and assures your brand standards are in place and up to date in every site.

It’s an Investment that will Pay off in the Long Run

OK, so installing a system doesn’t come cheap, but in the long run, there are savings to be made not only in printed material, but in human and distribution cost as well.

Stronger Brand Awareness

With the right placement of your digital signage you have the opportunity to directly influence your customers with a strong and consistent brand message.  Multiple messages conveyed in an attention grabbing way will go a long way to educating your customers about your offering.

Buying on Impulse

“Research findings suggest that emotions and feelings play a decisive role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well crafted promotional message.” (Source Wikipedia)

Providing strong visual merchandising messages throughout your store can certainly help tempt shoppers to buy, after all, seeing your sales improve is the goal here and digital signage could play a part in that.

Engaging with your customers using digital signage allows you to react quickly and confidently with a quality, branded message designed to compel the viewer into action.

Moving to digital signage could be a game changer.

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