Introducing Intuiface

 “Intuiface enables any organization to create and deliver – in record time – gratifying, purposeful, data-driven digital experiences that connect people to place, powered by the latest interactive technologies. That’s everything from multi-touch and sensor-driven content to Web APIs, RFID/NFC readers, and the Internet of Things, all without writing a line of code.”

Geoff Bessin describes himself as their Chief Evangelist – someone who thinks about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations.

In our recent Quad Vision blog “How Business Analytics can Win the Hearts and Minds of your Customers”, we talked about how Google style analytics can help businesses understand more about their visitors and customers enabling a raft of data reports to improve the customer experience, provide valuable customer insights and a bench marking tool.

This article by Geoff Bessin takes a parallel view and applies it to using interactive digital signage to capture data providing engagement with personalisation and delivering valuable insight into the behaviour of its users.

The Experience is the Sensor

by Geoff Bessin

Our assertion: Digital experiences can be a sensor. If true, this turns the world of digital signage upside down.

It is well understood that a key strength of interactive content is engagement. With interactive content you get all the benefits of static signage enhanced with the ability to immerse. Content reactive to user input and – through connectivity – delivered in context, tailored in real-time for the user and/or the environment, is sticky. Users like it, want to use it, come back to it.

There is another key strength, however, one that is often overlooked because the technology in support of interactive content had not been able to fulfil it. (Until now.) If target audiences are at the screen, expressing preferences and interest through their interaction, isn’t there value to be mined here? Insight about users/visitors/customers based on their decisions? Understanding how those subjects are influenced by their environment (time, season, weather), demographics (age, gender), location (store, in-store) and more?

Data is the foundation of any customer experience effort. With data you can answer questions like what happened, why it happened, and how to make it (or the alternative) happen in the future.

Imagine the ability to not just identify what your audience is doing but to give it context in any number of ways including:

–      interfacing with software gathering demographic data off a webcam

–      capturing user/item identification information off an RFID/NFC reader or a QR code

–      logging environmental information for in-store location and weather

If all this is possible then interactive content – digital experiences – can be a sensor.

This concept turns the world of digital signage upside down. Interactive content becomes a means of capturing (sensing) information, not just pushing that content onto an audience. It’s a complete paradigm change. Of course, data capture doesn’t have to be explicit. The user experience can still be personalized, informative, unencumbered with distraction. In fact, the more rich and engaging the content, the more insight you can gain about your target audience.

Taken one step further, if you have the ability to update content on the fly in response to data-revealed trends, you can essentially “program” content to be intelligently reactive. The experience can not only be a sensor, it can be a programmable one. It’s an endpoint among the Internet of Things, always learning about and reacting to users and the environment.

Intuiface gives you all the tools you need to adopt this sensor-like approach.

Let’s break it down. The key features making Intuiface unique are – no coincidence – the key building blocks for a sensor-like approach:

  • Interactivity: Engagement via touch-first content created without any coding.
  • Connectivity: Personalization via integration with any third-party data source, business logic, or device.
  • Analytics: Insight via data collection and chart creation in support of KPIs.

With guidance from the business, creative teams identify events to monitor. Intuiface automatically collects information about these events – aka “data points” – and transfers them to cloud-based storage. This data is turned into a set of charts and dashboards to identify trends and support design, operational, and business goals. The resulting insight launches a feedback loop, providing direction for creating and deploying more effective content.

Interactive content is the ultimate source of insight about your target audience. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – data capture is the holy grail of the signage community. With Intuiface, technology has finally caught up.

Sanjay Saini, MD at Quad Vision says “Geoff’s article really resonates with me and we’re excited about the prospect of working with Intuiface in the very near future. ”

Anyone who would like to understand how Intuiface could form part of their digital signage strategy, should get in touch with us