Specialist video walls offer a fantastic opportunity for companies to attract attention and deliver messages in a truly unique and memorable way. A high impact wall made up of high-bright, large format screens acts as an intriguing focal point for any business or event. Animated walls provide the new go-to dynamic experience that will excite an audience and can ultimately engage strong relationships.

Adding the latest touchscreen technology allows companies to further showcase content in a modern but accessible way. Recent touch-screen installs by Quad Vision have included up to 40 touch points! This means that the wall can be enjoyed by multiple users; each exploring different information that is chosen individually. Technology displaying content in this way can provide virtual journeys, bring content to life, inspire, educate or simply entertain.

Robin Hughes, director Quad Vision, commented: “The options are endless, not only do we help our clients to flesh out a definite specification, (often from quite a sketchy idea); we design, build, install and even provide ongoing support, ensuring a hassle-free total solution.”

Intelligent, bespoke software displays the content in a well-choreographed sequence that demands attention. These statement systems present content that can be streamed across all screens simultaneously. Or the content can be split, displaying elements seamlessly on one or more screens. The visual content is pulled dynamically from multiple sources, including video, intranet, TV, cameras and can even be uploaded from a user’s tablet or pulled from a social media feed.

Using custom framing, a number of large format LCD screens can be built into one dramatic block that works like one giant screen. Less conventionally, different sized monitors can be arranged as an art installation, such as in the reception area of innovative company ProAlign. Here, different sized screens are hung in different orientations to display content and personalised messages. Quad Vision’s intelligent software ensures that the resolution is consistent, even though the pixel pitch is different. Other cutting edge solutions, such as the media table developed for The Royal Docks, dispensed with a wall mounting altogether! Their solution used a horizontal tabletop wall as an award wining centrepiece for a series of prestigious events.

Robin reassures: “We often have to overcome quite difficult issues, for example it might not actually be possible to hang screens on a wall. If so, we can mount them on our freestanding heavy-duty framework that we custom build. Newham Council needed a freestanding exhibition unit for the Olympics that could be used later at their offices. We built them a mobile wall that was designed to be dismantled and reconstructed easily. Clients trust us to find the perfect solution, no matter how complex the business need, technical requirements or infrastructure.”

Specialist walls are perfect for reception areas, exhibitions and retail environments to welcome, improve customer engagement and educate. Video walls as innovative experiences are providing new ways for an audience to browse and connect. Ultimately statement walls allow a company to get its message and values across and will certainly help position it as forward thinking and innovative.

Quad Vision are experts in designing and building video wall solutions that achieve the ‘wow’ factor. Their clients are seeing a new form of brand loyalty based not only on quality & price point, but on experience. Today everything is about that experience and connecting with an audience. Specialist video walls help turn casual experiences to brand advocates & build loyalty through experiences that promote innovation, personalisation & connectivity.

To discuss your audiovisual need, please contact one of our friendly team on 03300 419019 or email enquiries@quadvision.co.uk.