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Video Walls

Why choose a Video Wall System?

A Large Format Display (LFD) video wall is a significant investment for many organisations.  So, why experience the additional cost when you could just use a projector, a single large display screen, or a set of individual screens?

It’s important to recognise that an LFD video wall system is an integrated solution: an arrangement of LCD video screens or LED video panels driven by a powerful processing and computing system called a video wall controller. So while a video wall might behave like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. A complete video wall system can deliver performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply is not possible with more basic solutions.

LFD video wall systems are incredibly flexible and can provide benefits for practically any application. Add an interactive video wall with multi touch points into the mix, and you have a fantastic opportunity for engagement with your audience.

Pictured here for example is a mobile video wall, a temporary or permanent solution where there is a need for information to be communicated to a wider audience in a clear and accessible format. Totally self contained, built offsite this is an ultra high resolution mobile video wall.


We’ve chosen our three most common video wall solutions to demonstrate the flexibility;

Proven to increase customer footfall & impulse purchases
Schedule promotions quickly, seamlessly & at lower cost
Visually showcase your brand communication in highly engaging format
Increase customer engagement to reduce perceived wait times
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Maximise efficiency of employees with improved communication
Operationally enhancing live information feeds, enabling super quick reaction time
Central resource of information feeds of data and intelligence
Share critical information with multiple teams across the network
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Wow factors
Visual showcase of high quality, in keeping with your brand identity
Deliver engaging, interactive and multimedia presentataions
A striking and impressive centerpiece to demonstrate your experience and service/brand image and values
Do something memorable, different & unexpected; set yourself apart from the rest
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