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Multiscreen Workstations

Quad Vision bespoke workstations are the ultimate desk set-up designed exactly for an individual’s unique requirements.
Comprising either a Tower PC or 19” rack-mounted PC, outputs can be configured to drive up to 16 displays and up to 4096 x 2160 (4K x 2K) resolution per screen.
Utilising i7 Quad, Hex or Eight Core Processors, workstations can be specified with SATA hard drives, RAID or SSD for ultra-fast performance.
Quad Vision workstations are built to a superior quality specification. Fully tested prior to dispatch, our workstations offer exceptionally high performance and excellent quality and have the ability for multiple screens and outputs.
Our bespoke workstations are ideal for control rooms, trading floors, security systems, engineers, CAD designers and more.

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