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31st May 2017
Quad Vision supplied 12 retail digital signage to Rolling Luggage stores across all terminals at Heathrow airport with digital content management supplied remotely from by the Dorset based Quad Vision support team.
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30th Apr 2017
Security experts, Anvil Group based in Christchurch, Dorset moved premises recently and as a result fully upgraded their control room’s 13 screen video and data surveillance wall in the process.
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31st Mar 2017
Proton Partners International’s, Rutherford Cancer Centre in South Wales opened in March 2017. Newly installed in their waiting room are four state of the art 46″ Samsung LCD screens with ultra thin bezel to make up one impressive 2.5 meter wide touch interactive wide screen video wall.
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23rd Jan 2017
Companies require that we not only absorb a huge amount of data, but that we process, filter and interpret it; then turn the findings into insights for decisions in the blink of an eye. The speed and sheer volume of the data adds to its complexity. In our fast-paced life quick decisions can make the difference between a company’s viability or demise and, even more critically, determines actual life or death situations.
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