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15th Apr 2019
Monitor performance in real time with a dashboard view
How best to manage different information streams to provide straightforward visualisation and enable critical decision making for teams?

For anyone wanting to keep track of the relevant variables and key performance indicators (KPIs) in their company, a dashboard view video wall can provide an at a glance view. With an almost limitless number of data points, companies often use a dashboard system to gather vital sources together and display to team through the medium of a data video wall.

But, how best to manage the different information streams to provide straightforward visualisation and enable critical decision making?

Let’s take the example of an online sales company and look at some of the information they’re likely to want to track within different areas of the company;

Site speed – site availability – purchase activity – new users – geography of sales – ad campaigns – social media activity – support tickets – inventory – shipping performance – revenue – forecasts – share price

Tracking one of these is relatively straightforward, tracking and displaying a number of them for departmental interaction is pretty difficult.

The face of your communication – video walls are the answer

Video walls are the conduit to providing these different streams of information flexibly and simultaneously, enabling people or small groups to monitor multiple streams of information when needed. Essentially, everyone is on the same page.

Content can be zoned into different areas or the whole wall can be utilised as a single display tool – if the need requires it.



The brains behind the screens – controlling multiple input streams

Identifying the right video wall controller for the job is absolutely essential here. Powerful processing and the ability to manage signals from a wide range of devices, for multiple displays – a must. Through a single platform – an absolute priority. A good video wall controller will allow control of the main video wall, but also can stream content to smaller walls or individual screens elsewhere in the organisation, or, across multiple sites with content relevant only to each team.

The central nervous system – the software for success

So, you’ve been able to find a controller that pulls together the different information strands for you, but the next stage is to make that easy for the operator to display by way of some nifty user interface software. There are a variety of options to choose from in the market – ours is (and of course we would say this, but it is true) once of the most straightforward and easy to use systems, that we designed ourselves with the user in mind.

Get the right body in place – making it happen

None of this is easy to implement and your average internal IT team aren’t likely to have the knowledge and experience required to pull something like this off. An experienced AV integrator is essential or a world of hurt could be just around the corner for you. Developing a great relationship with and working in partnership with your internal IT team comes with the territory and any AV Integrator worth his salt will see this as an essential part of any commercial video wall project.



Keeping the system fit & healthy – support and service

As we all know it’s essential to keep fit and healthy and the same goes for your video wall, so reliable, competent and available support is a must to ensure your system is running well and delivering the information you need when and where you want it.

So, what can you expect from your video wall?

easyJet Luton OpsOur customers (among them, Leonardo Helicopters, easyJet, Drum Cussac, Anvil Security Group, BidFx, E.ON) tell us that the positive elements of implementing this kind of project far outweigh the perceived complexity and obvious cost.

Team and operational gains can include:





Better communicationImproved reaction times
Improved team and individual focusReal time reporting
Enhanced efficienciesEfficient tracking
Increased interactivityUpgraded service level
Situation managementAccelerated incident response
Improved remote collaborationEnables secure collaboration
Helps to see the ‘bigger picture’Provides a common operating picture


If you believe that a video wall solution is something that would benefit your organisation, please do get in touch. We work with a huge range of customers, large and small all with different requirements and budgets.