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12th Feb 2019
ISE2019 Show Review
With a focus on investigating ‘New Tech’ Sanjay embarked upon an eye opening and in some cases, jaw dropping journey of ISE. Here are some of his highlights.

Last week saw the largest AV and systems integration show take place at the RAI Amsterdam. Integrated Systems Europe 2019 is an annual event that showcases the latest technology from world leading manufacturers and provided Quad Vision’s MD Sanjay Saini with an ideal opportunity to immerse himself into a world of innovative industry technology.

With a focus on investigating ‘New Tech’ Sanjay embarked upon an eye opening and in some cases, jaw dropping journey of ISE. Here are some of his highlights.

“My trip to ISE2019 could not have come at a better time for me and for Quad Vision. The current growth plans for the business very much focus on harnessing some of the new technology that’s out there making it easily accessible to our customer base and providing them with the technical know-how and support that we’re admired and respected for. A show like ISE is the perfect opportunity to take in what the world’s largest manufacturers have to offer and to forge new relationships with smaller innovators of AV technology.”

“One of the most outstanding products came from HYPERVSN, a company who I’ve been following for some time now. I was excited to see a large range of their products ‘in real life’ and to continue our conversation with them. HYPERVSN specialise in 3D holographic displays that appear to be floating in mid-air by use of a neat LED fan system.”

“Huge LED video walls continue to dominate the show, literally showing off the very best of what the industry has to offer, these examples were truly outstanding.”












Micro LED video wall screens were also being showcased, this eye-catching example was one of my favourites, the resolution was excellent, meaning that close up viewing was possible.”












“I was particularly impressed with the LG transparent screen, which allows creative content to be screen whilst allowing the viewers a window into the world behind the screen.”


“I thought these screens provided a great opportunity to get creative, or to make a small space interesting.”












“Using RFID provides an opportunity for an interaction trigger with the viewer and the content.”








“For a beautiful, stylish display this hanging screen encapsulated in glass gives a high-end look and feel for any retail or commercial environment.”












“Interesting to see these LED curtains on this stand, providing screening and transparency in this instance.”


“I thought this was a super idea.  This company are offering exhibition ‘pod’ spaces utilising a range of AV displays to create a unique experience to the visitor. I could see no reason why this idea couldn’t be adopted for some retail and commercial applications in addition to exhibition spaces.”








“The trip also provides a great chance to catch up with suppliers and our wider business network, so good to see the guys from Iiyama, Samsung, LG, Allsee, Intuiface, Wallboard and BrightSign while I was there.”

“So, in all a great trip, I’m going to be using my experience to bring some new and innovative projects to Quad Vision over the next few months, so watch this space!”

Sanjay Saini
Managing Director- Quad Vision

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