If your business or organisation is utilising multiple screens across a multitude of locations nationally or internationally, then utilising a distributed software solution is an ideal content management solution (CMS) for your digital signage.

Remember digital signage isn’t a retail only solution, it’s widely used successfully across a huge range of organisations globally.

What is a distributed software solution?

  • A means by which digital signage content is managed across multiple sites and locations through multiple screens.
  • A method of rapidly deploying marketing material across the entire distribution network or to a single site/single screen.

What does a distributed software solution provide?

  • The ability to stay ahead of competitors by quickly deploying targeted and reactive digital marketing campaigns through digital signage.
  • Enables organisations to deliver unified and up to the minute communications to their audiences through digital signage.
  • Allows retailers to react with targeted sales activity to economic and environmental factors affecting trade through digital signage.
  • A method to target marketing messages right down to a single message on a single zone on a screen.
  • A way to engage your audience – be that customers in retail, employees in the workplace or visitors to your organisation.
  • A means to more easily manage digital assets for team collaboration, whilst maintaining brand consistency.

Features and benefits of a distributed software solution

  • Web based software lets anyone within your organisation with browser access and a password to post, manage and schedule messages.
  • User friendly intuitive tools and preformed templates
  • Easy to use scheduling tools for group or single updates
  • Allows data integration from a raft of other systems such as event schedules, weather, news, Excel, EPOS, dashboards, social media, webpages etc.
  • Alert messaging for when emergency notifications override scheduled playlists as the touch of a button
  • Supports interactive content
  • Allows audit trails for recharging of advertising space
  • Available in a range of purchasing solutions – software only sales, cloud-based subscriptions etc.
  • Scalable from a single screen or enterprise wide messaging
  • Able to use with range of media players and software uses without the need for technical intervention or licensing
  • Able to deliver content to small and large screens in your network – from smartphones to websites, so messages aren’t missed
  • Offers training, updates and technical support

Managing the distributed software solution

With a distributed software solution all screens in the estate are controlled from a central computer or from the cloud. Meaning that the same content can be sent to all screens at the same time OR specific content can be send to specific screens or screen groups.

A distributed software package provides a cost-effective solution in terms of reducing training and support cost as on-site teams aren’t involved in the process of updating or scheduling as screens are centrally controlled.

A user-friendly intuitive content editor which helps you to create unique content and integrate them with media files already in use.

The strategic plan of what to show and when is down to the central controller or controlling team, so a system that integrates with your current systems and processes would be an advantage.

Which solution is recommended?

At Quad Vision we work with a number of digital signage software solution providers. Each with their own specific attributes and each carefully selected to deliver the best performance for our customers. Once size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

For the functionality we’ve talked about here, our recommended solution would be Wallboard Display. The Wallboard CMS platform leverages the most advanced technology to make creating, editing and publishing content to digital screens seamless, easy and scalable. It definitely gets our vote!

If you would like to know more about how a distributed digital signage software solution could help your business or organisation, then please do get in touch. Call 03300 419019 or send us an email sales@quadvision.co.uk.