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10th Dec 2018
Going Interactive is the Natural Next Step for Digital Display
When technology & people work hand in hand together, it’s the best place to evolve.

Whether your digital display is retail focussed or, positioned in your reception or lobby area to give that WOW factor to visiting clients and customers. Making it interactive can take their experience into another dimension.

Providing a different user experience sets your organisation or business apart from the rest. Being technically advanced in this field can showcase your offering on a whole new level.

So, let’s take it back a step or two – what is an interactive digital display?

Well, you probably use one already, pretty much every day and possibly every minute of every day!  Your smart phone and your tablet are both interactive digital displays.  Glass fronted electronic devices that respond to touch.  Let’s take that up a gear and imagine a large format 2.5 meter wide video wall, that is responsive to touch.

The Technology

  • The basic structure of an interactive digital screen works just like a webpage. Users touch an item and access various messages or screens for that category.
  • Large touchscreens have the ability to allow more than one user at a time to access information.
  • For large format touch screens the most likely mechanism is a glass overlay with infra-red sensors
  • Content is designed by a software developer, again similar to a webpage and can either be managed remotely or in house if you have the capability

Think about the information that you could allow your customers, clients or visitors access to through an interactive digital screen.

Here are some examples;


Okay, so I’m going to blow our own trumpet here, as this is something that we have supplied to a client and we’re proud of.

The Rutherford Cancer Centre

Proton Partners








It’s an excellent example of how a large format interactive touch screen device can really add value in an organisation. Set in a large purpose-built waiting room in a highly professionally and cutting edge healthcare environment.  A device that is provided purely for the use of its patients and their families while experiencing what can be at times an agonising wait. So, in this scenario, the touch screen is used to entertain and to inform, both about the local area and about the healthcare team, the process, the company, the technology behind it. It has a secondary use and that is to present – when not in use by the public, the screen can be used as an interactive video conferencing facility. You can read more about the walls we have created for Proton Partners International here.


In a shop or store environment an interactive video display screen means a customer can access the entire product catalogue themselves through a comprehensive search and stock check facility. Customers can purchase and pick up from store or have delivered to their home as an option. All the while the screen provides the perfect vehicle for your daily digital marketing messages. Large or small, they are equally effective. Here are two examples of different sized interactive screens we’ve created for our customers.

Of course, it’s not just about what you display, it’s also about how you display it. Giving people a consumer like experience that they are already used to by way of using smart phones and website, gives a sense of comfort and control for the user, that a static digital image doesn’t have.

A large screen can be enabled to have multiple people using it, each with a different user experience.

Quad Vision Interactive Video Wall for Samsonite at Selfridges LondonWhat Kind of Information can be Displayed?

Floor plans
Social Media Posts & Feeds
Catalogue Content
Team information
Product Information

Interactive Screen Users

The use of interactive screens is growing, pioneered by some of the industries and organisations listed below;

Tourist Information Centre
Modern Multi Office Work Spaces
Fast Food Restaurants
Art Galleries
Transport Termini
Shops & Shopping Malls
Cruise Ships
Department Stores

Future Interactive Screen Users

We think the use of interactive screens with great content provides an opportunity to a vast array of businesses and organisations that aren’t necessarily all on board yet.  The goal of your digital activity is engagement with your customer, so, going interactive is a natural next step.  Here are just a few ideas we have that we think would really benefit both the consumer and the company.

Estate & Letting Agents – imagine being able to browse in store, select photos and video, zoom in, screen shot and share all the while with instore help (if needed) to guide you and show you properties of interest.

Travel Agents – take that full colour brochure and put it up on the wall with moving and 360 degree images. How amazing would it be to be able to interactively access holiday information with your travel agent by your side – an opportunity to view at close quarters excellent static and moving imagery and really drill down into the detail close up.

Property Developers – let people inside your world, prescreen what’s going on behind the fence and encourage some early interest by sharing plans, concept imagery and further information with site visitors and passers-by.

Banks and Building Societies – the ability to actively search for and demonstrate products in store.

Recruitment Agencies – brings a new meaning to the term job board…

Institutions – universities, hospitals, council offices– places with a large footfall of people looking for information. Help them find their way with a large interactive touch screen loaded with maps, videos and way finding information.

When technology & people work hand in hand together, it’s the best place to evolve.

If you would like to discuss how going interactive might help your business or organisation, please get in touch with me by email or phone: 03300 419019.