Organisations use video walls and large format single screens to create central locations for data analysis from multiple sources of information streams. Accurate and real time data helps make informed decisions about operations

Government operations and the public sector are among the largest users. The utilities industry, network operation centres, security/monitoring centres and industrial/manufacturing applications completing the set.

How does a Corporate & Control Centre benefit from the use of Video Display Wall?

Typically in this situation, multiple feeds of mission critical information are pulled together for team viewing. A video wall can make that process very straightforward; provided that the video wall controller and software support the complexity of the requirement and that your AV provider has specialist knowledge to handle this.

Video wall solutions for corporate and control centres benefits team collaboration and situational awareness resulting in clearer and expedient critical decision making.

Considerations to make in choosing a supplier;

Is an AV generalist the right choice?

Look for a proven history of experience in the field. Search out case studies and drill down into the detail with your supplier. It’s essential that hardware, software and humanware are up for the job.

Pulling the different streams of information together is not to be underestimated in its complexity; the controller and the software both have to be up to the job.

Are stakeholders within the room, elsewhere in the building or out in the field?

Control room operations extend beyond, often with stakeholders in other parts of the building or operating out in the field. In this case it’s essential that the system has the ability to enable a secure external login.

Do you operate a high security network and as such need the Video Wall Controller to be high security?

Security of information is a definite requirement, integrating systems with existing firewalls and high security networks is a technical skill and requires qualification of a product and the installer.

Additional factors for consideration;

Are you delivering a solution to a budget or looking for a ROI?

Adopting a cutting edge solution may deliver the ROI demanded in the private sector by such investment, in the government and public sectors delivering a proven system to a budget will be critically important.

How future proof is the solution?

The ability to change the size and scale of the video wall is a factor to consider in the decision making process. Not just in terms of physical wall space but also in terms of control system inputs. As the need for monitoring of operations digitally increases, it is critical to assess and visualise the future needs, to ensure the system can provide what you might require.

Consider the software user interface

Operator and administrator management of the video wall control system requires a user friendly software interface; enabling straightforward content management, which has the ability to pull together multiple programs, applications and network systems into an easy to use operator platform.

Use of a touch screen brings a further user benefit and can be engaged for the user interface and also for the video wall.  Consider if a touch screen video wall solution would further enhance your use and capabilities.

Could a portable solution be a benefit?

A portable video wall offers great versatility, totally self contained, built off site and moved into the location or position required. The possibilities really are endless with a portable video wall providing a solution for pop up operations, coping with additional short or longer term capacity. It can be housed in a building, offsite temporary office, classroom or mobile command centre.  (Read a case study here.)

In summary

In 2019, we can expect to see the installation of video walls into corporate and control centres on the increase as the benefits of having one become clear to see and the growth of the market continues.

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