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Case study: VGS Global
"This application required heavy processing power to ensure that the Presenter could switch applications fast and seamlessly." Sanjay Saini
VGS Global provides their clients and their approved global broker network with market-leading solutions and access to a diverse menu of innovative financial products and corporate services. After moving to a new head office, VGS Global required a custom-made 9-screen display system that would enable them to present, view, monitor and share information.

Quad Vision designed and created a 9 x screen video wall with ultra-thin, 3.5mm combined bezel, 46″ screens. This was equivalent to a 138″ display with 5760 x 3240 resolution, which enables VGS Global to show information from web pages, TV channels and various financial applications simultaneously.

All this is accessible at the click of a mouse button or touch of a touch screen or tablet.

The video wall forms part of a studio forming a backdrop for training webinars, with information dynamically displayed behind the presenter. This gives a highly professional TV “look & feel”. Also, the presenter can use the screens as a tool to present as part of their presentation.

VGS Global needed to integrate functionality that allowed presenters to switch quickly between real-time presentations and incoming data feeds – so that it all happened seamlessly and easily.

The ability to switch functionality in real time, from a full screen presentation to multiple information feeds and applications, provides VGS Global with a powerful visual sales tool. Additionally, they can utilise the video wall to deliver seminars to their customers, making it an invaluable marketing device.

Quad Vision provided all hardware, bespoke software, complete installation and full training. Peace of mind is provided by Quad Vision’s annual service support contract.