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Case study: Teleperformance
“Teleperformance manage a huge amount of data in their world-class operation. We were delighted to provide high-end workstations that allow them to improve operational efficiency.” Robin Hughes
Teleperformance is the global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management.Interacting with 38% of the world’s population each year, Teleperformance chose Quad Vision to develop a high-end monitoring system to supervise and manage their world-class call centre communications system.Quad Vision was briefed to design a high-end workstation for operatives that would allow multi-feed data & graphics to be displayed live in ultra high-definition.

Quad Vision designed and installed 7 x custom mounted workstations, each comprising of 9 x high-resolution (1920 x 1200) screens using 24″ monitors in a 3 x 3 format.

The 9 x monitors were mounted on a wall and curved around the operator to allow for maximum visibility. Quad Vision based the design on their Vision Tree / Vision Wall solution, with heavy customisation for this specific application.

A single operator mans each workstation, which displays a variety of data related to customer experience management. Each workstation provides exceptional clarity delivered through the 5760 x 3600 (20.7M-Pixel) wall resolution.

The key goal for Teleperformance was to ensure optimum ergonomics on each workstation. 9 screens is a lot of data to take in! Quad Vision lent our considerable expertise to ensuring the curvature was just right for each operative.

This solution provides Teleperformance with the ability to display and simultaneously monitor an extensive amount of information from their network centers. It provides exceptional efficiency with a single operative able to manage data from 9 x individual screens!

Quad Vision took the project from initial consultation through to developing and installing all hardware and software, as well as training and support.