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Case study: easyJet Luton Operations
“The initial ‘WOW factor’ requirement was soon superseded by the need to provide mission critical data. Displaying live information allows the team to visualise the data as ‘insights’, helping guide individual responsibilities and making workflows highly efficient. The data-wall very quickly came to attention of Monarch who then commissioned a similar system.” Robin Hughes
Leading European airline, easyJet, approached Quad Vision for a data-wall for their new Operations Control Centre in Luton. easyJet wanted to curate data from a myriad of sources allowing an ability to broadcast real-time global issues that could affect the whole business. An additional requirement was to add digitally broadcast messages to the ‘big-picture’ data so that operatives would have a critical ‘heads-up’ in case of potential crisis.

Quad Vision designed a bespoke 9-screen solution that helps the easyJet team to visualise vast amounts of critical, live data in a meaningful way. Together with digital interactive whiteboards, the data wall allows the team to share mission-critical information in real-time.

The Quad Vision data-wall forms the heart of easyJet’s Operations Control Centre at Luton Airport.

For maximum impact and visibility, nine large 46” screens were configured in a 3 x 3 format. Each screen is high-resolution to cope with required demands and drive the combined video & data content.

Bespoke software managed the multiple feeds and collaboration from individual workstations. With so much critical-data collated into one place, it was essential to be able to quickly make sense of what matters. Alternative layout configurations were programmed into the software so that pre-determined views could be switched into play at the touch of a button.

Essential live data is streamed concurrently from multiple sources. Examples include news running continuously from Sky & BBC, video satellite feeds, flight-patterns, weather maps, web sites and applications. This comes into its own in case of emergency, such as a volcano erupting in Iceland. The whole team can see live-information using codes to show where planes are grounded, what has cleared etc.

Electronic whiteboards allow individuals to login, connect and collaborate in real-time. Individuals input direct from their local PCs to add/edit information easily, amending colours and fonts as required. Issues are flagged immediately team-wide so that everyone can be aware of any knock-on impact. This essentially makes a giant ‘live dashboard’, so the different departments such as flight ops, catering, maintenance etc., work very efficiently together, allowing potential situations to be pre-empted & avoided.

Bespoke software allows the rotation of pre-programmed whiteboard/screen configurations. Content can be displayed on any individual screen selected, enlarged across four screens or displayed across all nine screens, depending on significance. Administrators can login to the network interface and re-configure wall layouts, switch between multiple layouts and control the wall with ease.

A touch-screen positioned near the data-wall comes into its own when showing prospective customers around the facility.

The Quad Vision data-wall enables easyJet to make smarter, faster decisions.