Case study


Known for its unique identity in the skate boarding culture, Supreme Clothing required a statement video wall in their new London Soho store. The concept was to have three ultra thin bezel LCD screens in portrait format in a row. One video was to be shown across the screens. Coupled with this, a smaller screen was to show the same content on the lower floor.

The Solution

To resolve the issue of displaying videos across three portrait screens, a Quad Vision video wall processor was used. Capturing an image from a commercial DVD player, blue-ray or laptop, the wall processor is able to play the videos across the 3 screens and allow for any bezel compensation.

Ground breaking at the time, a High Definition (HD) movie could be displayed across 3 main screens in a 3 x 1 array and at the same time broadcast the same movie on a single screen in a different part of the store.

With a long distance between the displays and the controller, Quad Vision installed extenders to ensure image consistency.

The solution was developed, installed and supported by Quad Vision in the short timescale requested for the opening of the store.



Quad Vision Reaction

“We always use the latest technology. So for every client, we can pick and choose state-of-the-art solutions, no matter what the budget.” Robin Hughes

Key Specifications

Video Wall Controller
eSign Software
Video Wall Solution
Multi-Monitor Wall Mounts


WOW factor
Store launch
Ultra thin bezel LCD screens
Video displayed across 3 x 1 screen array

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