Case study


Saipem are a global leader in drilling services as well as in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of pipelines and complex projects, onshore and offshore, in the oil & gas market. Saipem and Quad Vision have worked together for a number of years, Quad Vision being nominated to supply a range of custom monitor mounting frames to enable the creation of ergonomic work spaces within their control and monitoring centers, onboard Saipem’s survey ships globally. Saipem specified that the system had to have the ability to be ‘locked out’ meaning that the monitors were fixed into position essential for when sea conditions were rough whilst retaining the ability to be adjusted at other times and for other operators.

The Solution

Quad Vision designed and supplied a custom frame and mounting solution utilizing a modular frame system for the required monitors.

Screen formations vary for each survey ship. Requirements can be for a relatively straightforward bank of monitors, through to a complex system of multi screen sizes and orientations, fitted into occasionally awkward locations. As the need for control and monitoring technology grows, so too does the need for creative work station solutions that will fit well into existing spaces.

In Saipem’s case one size does definitely not fit all and the requirement is for an extremely high quality of product, hence an off the shelf solution is not readily available for this type of system. Quad Vision’s modular mounting system is the perfect solution for Saipem survey vessels.

Key Specifications

Locked-out Functionality
Custom Design & Build


Super Strong & Robust framework
Ergonomic Design
Multiple Configurations

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