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Working with some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Google and the BBC, Squint/Opera, a London-based creative digital design agency, approached Quad Vision with a brief for London’s Royal Docks. The Royal Docks are London’s unique and historic water space – some four kilometers long. Now a vibrant destination to live, work and play, they were once the largest enclosed docks in the world! Their brief was to produce an interactive, self-contained media display that would educate and engage an audience. In particular, the media display aimed to provide a focal point for attracting inward investment within the Royal Docks – it needed to WOW the audience. As well as being strong enough to support a 3D Perspex model of London, the table needed to display high-definition native resolution content on each screen and to be controlled via a wireless touch-screen enabled device. The media display needed to fit within an approximate 100” diagonal and needed to be light, easily packaged and able to be assembled and erected with a minimum of tools.

The Solution

Quad Vision designed a solution comprising of a bespoke framework and table, LCD displays driven by an audiovisual processor, custom media software plus touch-screen software.

Comprising 4 x 46” LCD thin bezel monitors driven by Quad Vision’s audiovisual processor and media control software, the overall resolution of the table display was 3840 x 2160 pixels. Touch-screen interactivity was enabled by Quad Vision’s touch-screen interface control software and eSign Media placement and playback software.

The Royal Docks media display launched initially in London. It was then shipped to France and onwards to other global locations. The display needed to be easily assembled and erected with a minimum of tools. The table weight was minimised using aluminum that made the frame light and easily shipped. In fact, the finished table could be taken apart & re-assembled using just two Allen / hex key tools!

Holding a 3D Perspex model of London, the table also supports a time-lapse video controlled via a wireless tablet.

Created by Squint/Opera, the video content provides a compelling narrative on the Royal Docks and the inward investment opportunity. The display allows an area to be highlighted such as a development area or proposed tramline. A bespoke video playing underneath shows movement and timeline.

A bespoke metal framework was designed to support the equipment including two integrated shelves at either side of the table to hold literature. The self-contained table included its own built-in air conditioning unit for air extraction to reduce the heat. The table frame and outer cladding were fabricated in super light sheet and extruded aluminum to keep the shipping weight to a minimum. For durability, the table was finished in a high-quality hardwearing paint.

Care was taken to allow the entire table to be easily dismantled and reassembled for transportation. It was designed to be taken apart and re-assembled with two Allen / hex key tools.

Quad Vision managed the project that was delivered on time and on budget despite a tight time-frame! As designers of the digital content, Squint/Opera won a prestigious award for the concept and execution of the media table.

Quad Vision Reaction

 “As well as providing state-of-the-art display, the Royal Docks media solution needed to be extremely light, robust and simple to operate! We managed to deliver a fabulous solution that utilised the very latest in wireless capabilities.”
Robin Hughes

Key Specifications

Video Wall Controller
eSign Software
Video Wall Solution
Multi-Monitor Wall Mounts


4 x 46” thin bezel LCD screens
WOW factor!
Easy shipping & relocation
Controllable cooling system
Horizontal orientation (table not wall)

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