Case study


Quada is an award winning developer specialising in high-end residential homes in the south east of England. Quada specialise in contemporary design, suited to creating exciting and unusual buildings as well as homes with intimacy and warmth. “Our lifestyles reflect the internet age, with advancement of computers, phones, cars, planes and trains that would be unrecognisable 20 years ago. Buildings should be no exception, but not every developer is able to combine a contemporary design approach with a grounded awareness of energy and space. That is what we do.” Richard Bellman of Quada first contacted Quad Vision having seen some of their projects showcased on the website. He was looking for an ultimate WOW factor for his latest project; a new build contemporary design 17,000 sq ft detached property just outside Windsor in Berkshire. What could be a better audio visual WOW factor than a 165” video wall installed in the games room!

The Solution

Sanjay Saini worked on the project from its conception, advising and consulting throughout final installation and providing ongoing support.

To achieve the audio visual WOW factor required, 9 x 55” Ultra Thin Bezel Samsung screens were specified; the requirement was extremely high end and so Samsungs top quality high brightness, high resolution equipment was designated as being the premium quality choice for this installation.

This afforded the ability to play multiple 4K and single 4K content across all screens. With Quad Vision’s own video wall controller and user interface at the heart of the system the resulting effect is visually and audibly stunning.

Content can be changed simply at the touch of a button through the custom user interface which is Smart phone and Tablet friendly and allows ultra high definition 4K TV, Video and Gaming to be viewed on multiple or single screens, there is also the possibility of the system being touch interactive.

The sound system comprises full 5.1 surround sound system using high end KEF speakers.

Quad Vision worked alongside Alexander James Interior Design to fit the system fully flushed into a purpose built and tailor made wall within the games room, delivering the ultimate high definition home entertainment experience.

Key Specifications

9 x 55” Samsung High Brightness Screens
High Resolution Screens each running at 1920 x 1080
Quad Vision Controller
Custom User Interface
5.1 Surround Sound System
KEF Speakers
Bespoke Wall Mount


Total 165” Video Screen Wall
Custom Multi Output Controller
5.1 Surround Sound System
KEF Speakers
User Interface

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Popular and highly effective, Video Walls display highly visual and engaging content to your audience. Use a combination of ultra thin bezel LCD video screens or LED video panels to achieve a visually stunning result.