Case study


Monarch Aircraft Engineering is the technical division of The Monarch Group, a leading UK-based travel group. Having opened a new state-of-the-art hangar facility at Birmingham airport, Monarch urgently required a bespoke video wall for their busy operations centre. With responsibility for servicing and maintaining aircraft, the operations centre required real-time display data to support engineering, maintenance and catering requirements. The custom display would enable the Monarch operations team to view critical information instantly and efficiently.

The Solution

Quad Vision designed and created a twelve screen video wall with ultra-thin bezel 46″ screens. This enabled Monarch to display content from web pages, TV channels, work schedules and various supporting applications as well as IP cameras from other airports and facilities.

Due to the size and weight of the screens and the nature of the office walls, Quad Vision also designed a custom built frame with supports, which holds the unit in place, saving space whilst remaining unobtrusive.

Multiple data feeds were pulled into one single display wall to collate critical data into one place. This included CCTV from Birmingham Airport, Luton Airport as well as real-time satellite feeds and TV news channels.

With the ability to switch in or out audio and / or subtitles, the Monarch operations team has critical information displayed instantly. Given the numerous data feeds, Quad Vision designed a number of pre-set layouts to manage a variety of critical issues.

Bespoke software allows the rotation of pre-programmed whiteboard/screen configurations. Content can be displayed on any individual screen selected, enlarged across four screens or displayed across all twelve screens, depending on significance. Administrators can login to the network interface and re-configure wall layouts, switch between multiple layouts and control the wall with ease.

Electronic whiteboards allow individuals to login, connect and collaborate in real-time. Individuals input direct from their local PCs to add/edit information easily, amending colours and fonts as required. Issues are flagged immediately team-wide so that everyone can be aware of any knock-on impact. This essentially makes a giant ‘live dashboard’, so the different departments such as engineering, purchasing, maintenance, etc., work very efficiently together, allowing potential situations to be pre-empted & avoided.


“The ability to share data and information, as well as provide presentations, has made the video wall an indispensable business tool, and the added functionality of a combined interactive white board makes it possible to share vital data in real time.”

Robin Hughes

Key Specifications

12 x 46″ Ultra Thin Bezel Screens
eSign Software
Audio Visual Processor
Custom Frame and Surround


Simple control at the touch of a button
Collaborative whiteboards
Audio / subtitles
Annual service support contract

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