Case study


One of the fastest growing investors in the ‘buy-to-let’ market in the ‘noughties’, Imagine Homes contacted Quad Vision for a ‘statement’ video wall to welcome prospective clients. As well as providing a visually stunning centerpiece, the video wall needed to mirror the lines of a bespoke curved sofa sitting directly underneath! Plus, the solution needed to provide a luxurious and seamless ‘look and feel’.

The Solution

Quad Vision liaised with Imagine Homes architects for the perfect design to fit snugly into the required aperture.

Quad Vision handled the complete solution – from the initial site survey to determine the mounting solution, the design and manufacture of the adjustable custom frame through to liaison with onsite contractors, installation, and training.

The finished solution comprises 12 x 40″ specialist screens in two rows of six monitors providing an overall resolution of 4080 x 760 – 3.1M pixels! The ‘glass-to-glass’ interface ensures the ‘look’ is seamless.

The requirement for the screens to be installed in a 3.8m radius posed serious technical and installation issues. After careful consideration, a specialist mounting solution was designed to incorporate a curved false wall fitted with a hidden service door.

Quad Vision was active in not only supplying the hardware but also working with the client to make sure that their content was suitable for a wall of this nature. The video had to be specially created, as the overall dimension ratio was not standard video output. Content is scheduled using digital signage software running on a Quad Vision controller with master control being managed by a Crestron Controller.

The installation was fitted with a concealed door to allow easy access for the heavy monitors for maintenance purposes. The false wall also allows heat from the screens to escape behind and upwards into the roof space where it can dissipate.

The Quad Vision video wall met the brief to provide the ‘ultimate statement wall’ for their offices.


QV Reaction

“The biggest challenge with this brief was the curved wall. We achieved a fabulous look by manufacturing specialist mountings that provided an exact match of screen curvature with the bespoke sofa. Our ability to produce robust custom frames means that we can install our screens in practically all configurations and layouts. Even to match a curved sofa!” Sanjay Saini



Key Specifications

Video Wall Controller

eSign Software

Video Wall Solution

Multi-Monitor Wall Mounts


WOW factor!

Curved wall

Flush fit

Ultra thin bezel

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