Case study


EIMS is a leading supplier of sales and marketing solutions for technology companies. Having moved into brand new, extended premises, they needed a contemporary look for their entrance and reception area that would showcase their innovative, high-tech business. EIMS specified a new media wall that would educate and inspire visitors as they waited in the reception area. Particular attention was required on the aesthetic ‘look & feel’ to provide a luxurious finish and re-enforce EIMS’s brand position as a global leader.

The Solution

Quad Vision supplied a variety of options based on EIMS’s specific needs and requirements and, after discussion, designed and installed 4 x 55″ thin bezel screens flush into the entrance wall.

This solution comprises of 55″ Samsung public display monitors with a Quad Vision controller and eSign software, allowing EIMS to display content of up to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) over the entire wall, as well as multiple images on individual screens. Screen content is controlled, along with audio via 4 ceiling speakers, from a user interface that is accessible from either a network computer or a tablet.

As the finished look was imperative, Quad Vision worked closely with architects and other contractors. A superb finish was achieved with flush thin-bezel screens providing a highly polished and seamless ‘look and feel’.

Audio is achieved via 4 downward facing ceiling speakers. The screen content & audio are controlled from a custom user interface that is accessible from either a network computer or a tablet.

Quad Vision supplied and installed the entire solution from a custom-made frame through to speakers and controller, to ensure that all components were fitted to EIMS’ exact specifications. After commissioning, Quad Vision provided in-depth training, which now enables EIMS to keep their screen content consistently up-to-date with their latest solutions.

The reception screen proved such a success for visitor engagement that an additional screen was later installed, this time for staff in the café upstairs. This displayed content and announcements relevant only to employees.


QV Reaction

The video wall was perfect to showcase EIMS’s innovative, high-tech business to technology & IT companies.” Robin Hughes

Key Specifications

4K video capability
iPad Touch Control
4 x 55″ Video Wall Screens
Custom Interface for control
eSign Software
Custom Multi Output Controller
Video Wall Frame


WOW factor!
55” thin bezel screens
Flush to wall installation
Audio capability
Controlled over network PC or mobile iPad

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