Case study


 In a busy working office environment it’s often difficult and expensive to create ‘new’ space. With staff occupancy levels maximized, available wall and floor space minimal how do you go about bringing in a new video wall system that will undoubtedly drive efficiency and improve communication within the team? Durham County Council faced this dilemma and turned to Quad Vision for assistance in finding the solution. There was a requirement for the team to be able to monitor a range of information in a team environment in an easy to use and very ‘visual’ way. The office space where the requirement was needed was an existing, busy and in use space, where the disruption of a video wall installation just wasn’t practical, nor was there the wall space available to mount such a system.

The Solution

The solution came in the guise of an ultra high resolution mobile video wall. Totally self contained, built off site and moved into position using the best of what the room has to offer in terms of location.

The 3 x 3 mobile video wall solution was required for information and communication only, it didn’t need to be huge, it just needed to be practical and user friendly and fit in the space available.

The mobile video wall system uses 9 Dell 24” monitors, controlled by our 9 output Quad Vision controller with e-sign software and an integral sound system. Information and vision feeds were from web pages including CCTV and on board applications. Each screen resolution is 1920 x 1080px, the overall wall resolution being 5760 x 3240px.

Quad Vision worked closely with Durham County Council to make sure the relevant information was correctly displayed on the screens and enabled the local team to manage the system on a day to day basis through training and support.

Staff efficiency increased and communication was improved as a result of the installation of the mobile video wall, what once had to be viewed on single individual screens involving multiple steps and interruptions to work flow, can now be seen clearly and freely for all.



3 x 3 Mobile Video Wall
Stand Alone Unit
Programmable Controller
Sound System
Wall Resolution: 5760 x 3240px

Key Specifications

9 x 24″ Dell Monitors
Quad Vision Controller
eSign Software
Sound System
Tailor Made Frame Mount

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