Case study


Global security specialist, Drum Cussac, required a video-wall to monitor high-value assets from around the world, (such as boats and ships). Using latest technology to track and monitor assets, they needed to simultaneously observe various sources of information plus an ability to activate sound from any channel if required. The video-wall would demonstrate their 24/7 surveillance ability, not just locally, but globally at any one of their worldwide locations. As well as a state-of-the-art surveillance tool, the video wall also helps position Drum Cussac as a global leader when presenting to potential clients.

The Solution

Quad Vision focused on delivering a high-technology solution with a strong focus on the aesthetic ‘look & feel’. Starting with a custom-built false wall, the eight-screen system was designed to sit flush in gloss-white paneling. This overall luxury finish helped re-enforce Drum Cussac’s ‘high-tech’ and exclusive brand message to position them as leaders in their field.

ISSUES: The communications room was on a different floor and some distance away, so Cat5 extenders were used to extend the video signal. Sound was required and speakers were installed in 2 zones so that the audio could be carefully managed and wouldn’t disturb the busy office unless required.

The 8-screen video-wall solution is fully integrated with audio, enabling sound from any chosen source, (for example news/radio app etc.) to be heard. Downward-facing ceiling speakers were installed in zones to allow sound to be effective only beside the screen or broadcast wide as required.

Content is controlled using a 19″ touch-screen allowing an operator to select effortlessly from a series of pre-defined configurations. The content can be displayed on any one screen selected or across four or all screens depending on significance. Another press of a button on the bespoke, user-friendly interface, controls audio source and volume.

The eight multiple screens are able to display information from multiple sources including internal servers, Google maps, various URLs as well as international news sites. Two independent TV channels can be shown capturing inputs from Satellite and Freeview boxes.

A mouse and keyboard interaction is available if a particular URL requires login. This enables a user to manage a mouse pointer and direct it to the relevant screen as required.


“The whole expanse taking up most of the leading wall gives an impressive look and feel to potential clients. The whole team is able to collaborate and monitor effectively. Any crisis can be managed effectively with live intelligence.”

Key Specifications

19″ Touch Control Screen
8 x 46″ Video Wall Screens
Each screen runs at 1920 x 1080
Overall resolution of 7680 x 2160
Custom Interface for control
eSign Software
Custom Multi Output Controller
Bespoke Video Wall Frame


WOW factor!
Ultra high-resolution screens
Bespoke user interface software for easy control
Multiple sources – server, Google maps, URLs, TV
Audio integrated in 2 zones

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