Case study



 The Lead Director at Creative Home Cinema, a Dorset based company specialising in entertainment solutions for the home, required a complete bespoke workstation for design work. The brief was to supply a system, of which would be quick and deliver a more intuitive and efficient working environment. His detailed CAD work needed a large format, high-resolution, super-quality screen and a further two screens, in portrait orientation and mounted either side of the large screen. In addition a further screen was required that would be customer facing.These screens prove too heavy for long-term use on the inferior quality ‘off the shelf’ LCD stands that are widely available, therefore Quad Vision supplied a stable, clamp to the desk bespoke LCD stand to accommodate the required screens. The screen layout was perfect for both CAD work and normal office applications, such as e-mail and web browsing. He also needed to flick between these applications quickly. Often his customers were involved in the process too, therefore Quad Vision installed their screen management software to provide the ability to share any screen at the touch of a button with a client sitting on the other side of his desk during meetings.

The Solution

For the configuration, a Large Format (LF) super high-resolution main screen was fixed at eye level. This provided optimum viewing of the detail in CAD, as this was where most of the work happened.

Smaller screens were placed on either side as team players to support the main show and allow e.g. web browsing and e-Mails, to happen in parallel. As these needed no special requirements they could be smaller typical office screens.

A fourth screen was positioned back-to-back with the main screen for the “ghost” screen. This could be switched on at the touch of a button to mimic any required output to his customer. The computer needed to have sufficient power to be able to run all the screens and programs efficiently.

The total solution was required to hold multiple screens (one of which was a 30″ screen and particularly large and heavy), and to marry differing resolutions & screen sizes. This included intelligent functionality such as when the mouse graphic moves across the different screens seamlessly.

The finished set up allows for maximum workflow with ease. Plus the system has the flexibility to cope with future potential upgrades. The overall attention to detail and high build quality reflects the company’s technology focus and its core values, which are implicitly being re-enforced.


Client Reaction

“Thank you very much for coming up with such a great solution for my work station computer. The multiscreen really helps in my every day work when viewing CAD/Visio drawings. I am now able to view my drawings on the large central screen and to view the data for the project on the side screen keeping the third screen for web browsing/googling equipment specifications for the project. I know this has made us more effective and efficient”

Key Specifications

Windows 10 64bit based Workstation
Intel Quad Core i7 Processor
1x 30″ 2560 x 1600 pixel HQ IPS screen
2x 19″ 1600 x 900 IPS displays


Large format (LF), high-resolution screen
Additional portrait screens
‘Ghost’ screen for client viewing
High-performance computer specification
Bridging different screen resolutions & sizes
Solid and robust mounting

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